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Automation of a building is defined as the automatic control of HVAC and lighting systems (primarily), so that they adapt to the needs of the building and the behavior of its users to generate comfort, efficiency, and improve the quality of the environment. This enables operations personnel to make decisions for centralized control locally or remotely. Hotel automation facilitates maintaining optimal temperatures, air quality, lighting levels, etc. to generate comfort for the guest staying at the hotel. After installing automation infrastructure in a building, the building owners and/or operators will be able to improve the user experience while obtaining energy savings through the efficient use of equipment thanks to lighting, air conditioning efficiency and control strategies.

Building automation is the key element for a Smart Building that has the following objectives:

The first is to satisfy the needs of users by providing comfort, ergonomics, simplicity, and interaction with all the services inside a building.

The second objective is related to the operation of the building. By seeking for optimization of the equipment to obtain greater efficiency,  you can achieve energy savings that can vary depending on the degree of optimization. You can thereby ensure that the useful life of the equipment that is automated is extended and the interior equipment, such as furniture and appliances, are better preserved.

Kleverness' patented technology was specifically designed to be compatible with any building's wiring. No matter if you are building from scratch or it’s a hundred year old building, Kleverness will likely be compatible without having to rewire a single room.

Depending on the features included, it takes between 2 and 5 hours to install and program the system in each room.

Kleverness has several products to ensure compatibility with different types of HVAC units, including Fan Coil, Mini Split and Mini Split Inverter units, Heat Pumps, VRF and VRVs (depending on the manufacturer) and PTACs.

Kleverness is compatible with 100-240V light bulbs and fixtures, for on/off or phase dimming. In addition, Kleverness switches can wirelessly communicate with other lighting loads within a room to create scenes and remotely control all lights within a room from any wall switch.

Our customers usually have 2-3 year payback periods when they invest in our technology upfront. However, Kleverness Smart Rooms as a Service allow customers to pay for the system on a monthly basis, giving them a boost in profitability from the start and immediately saving money without any upfront investments.

Kleverness can control lighting, HVAC, fans, shades, curtains, televisions and any electrical appliance that plugs into an outlet.

Klever Hospitality's system is installed in several thousand hotel rooms, including some of the most renowned hotel brands such as Park Hyatt, Fairmont, Dreams, Park Royal, Oasis, Chablé, Dorado and many more.

Kleverness can be installed in a single guestroom. Our customers are able to start small and have their guests test out our system before committing to the entire property. Ask about our free demo program for qualifying customers.

  1. Our patented devices replace existing thermostats and switches using the same wiring.
  2. Wired or wireless battery operated occupancy and door/window sensors are installed in the doorways, windows and balconies.
  3. A Klever Hub is installed in each room, which communicates wirelessly with all other devices via 915 MHz radio frequency, as well as Ethernet, WiFi or BLE to communicate with other hotel devices or software, such as door locks, PMS, BMS and more.

Once installed, all Kleverness devices will create a wireless communication network that allows the system to detect whether guests are inside their rooms or not. When guests are inside, the system is easily operated from the devices, allowing the guest to set the perfect ambiance with lighting, temperature and curtain settings, and even control their rooms using their voice or phones. When guests leave their rooms, the system detects that they have left and eliminates energy waste by turning off lights and adjusting the air conditioning to the optimal setting to use the least amount of energy, while ensuring it is comfortable for guests when they return.

Kleverness' smart occupancy detection process uses much more than just movement inside the rooms to determine whether guests are inside. Our occupancy sensors can detect a guest sleeping under a heavy quilt; but if that wasn't enough, Kleverness smart algorithm also uses door sensors, physical interactions with end devices, and even the time of day to accurately determine whether someone is inside the room or not.

Yes, Kleverness' friendly APIs allow the system to seamlessly integrate with most PMS systems to provide optimal savings by receiving check-in and check-out information for guestrooms. This enables the system to control HVAC equipment for optimal energy efficiency when rooms are unrented. We set the temperatures back even more as no guest will be arriving to that room until someone else checks in, all while ensuring that equipment and furniture in rooms are not damaged by humidity buildup or freezing.

No, Kleverness can work on a stand-alone basis completely offline and does not use the hotel's connection. However, if you require cloud based remote monitoring or PMS integration, the Kleverness system should be connected to the hotel's network via wireless WiFi or wired ethernet connections.

Kleverness firmly believes in giving its customers the ability to be fully autonomous. Our user friendly system and installation process allows hotel staff to independently replace a device and have it adopt the prior device's settings without any intervention from a professional. However, we do support staff and certified partners that can provide remote or on-site support to any Kleverness installation if required.

UL, CE, FCC, IC and NOM certifications have been obtained for all Kleverness devices that require them.

Kleverness has ESG and sustainibility in its DNA from the company's inception and is affiliated to the United Nations Global Compact, the largest private initiative for sustainibility in the world. Kleverness contributes to several sustainable development objectives like lowering energy consumption and carbon footprint, sustainable tourism, innovation, sustainable consumption and production patterns, among others.

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