Guestroom automation and energy management for the hospitality industry

Discover how building automation technology can enhance your guest experience and simplify your hotel's operation.

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Guestroom automation and energy management for the hospitality industry

Discover how building automation technology can enhance your guest experience and simplify your hotel's operation.

With Kleverness, your hotel is positioned as a benchmark in technological relevance and sustainability.

What we do

Imagine a guest arriving to their hotel room. As the guest enters the room, the lights turn on with a soft ambient lighting and the temperature adjusts automatically to a comfortable temperature. After relaxing in the room, the guest approaches the bed, and with a simple voice command, turns off all the lights.

The guest then presses a button for black out shades to cover the windows and the do not disturb sign to be shown on their door. At Kleverness, we specialize in providing a guestroom management systems that redefine the hotel experience like the example shown above. We enhance comfort and personalization for your guests through carefully designed automation. From automatic climate adjustment to lighting customization, every detail is intended to create a unique experience. We design rooms that adapt to each guest's individual preferences, providing an unforgettable and comfortable stay.

How we do it

With Kleverness, we can help you improve your hotel in a myriad of ways. By implementing Kleverness' guest room management system, you can not only elevate the experience, but also optimize your hotel's operational efficiency.

There are long-term financial benefits through the efficient use of resources that help you stand out in a highly competitive market and access significant savings as a result of those changes.

By adopting our technology, you can attract new customers, contribute to sustainability goals, reduce operating costs, and abide by environmental regulations.

Our solution enables guest satisfaction and streamlines staff operations with advanced features that simultaneously strengthen customer relationships through exceptional personalization and attention. With a demo, we can show you how hotel management becomes easier and more efficient with our technology and you can unlock significant energy savings.

Why choose us?


At Kleverness, we have integrated eco-friendly practices into our smart room technology recognizing the ever-increasing trends to reduce impact to meet sustainability concerns for guests. We aim to help you to surpass the expectations of environmentally conscious guests and positively affect their lodging decisions to give them the peace of mind of contributing to a greener future while enjoying an exceptional stay

Performance Guarantee

At Kleverness, we have warranty backed technology and are committed to providing quality products that last over time. Our priority is to deliver reliable and efficient devices that exceed your expectations and provide a long-lasting, worry-free experience. You can trust Kleverness to transform your space with innovative products that guarantee your satisfaction.

Smart Efficiency

Our smart room solutions not only deliver an exceptional experience, but also generate significant long-term savings. From energy efficiency to optimized resource management, each device is designed to maximize savings and ensure a remarkable return on investment.

Unique Design and Elevated Aesthetics

We are not only leaders in technology, but also in design. Our devices work great, and their minimalist design makes for beautiful aesthetics. Every detail is carefully crafted to merge functionality with elegance and elevate the look and feel of any room where it is installed.

Detailed financial analysis

We provide assistance to assess the long-term financial impact of our solutions by clearly showcasing the potential savings and economic benefits. After assessing your hotel, we will build a custom model that will demonstrate energy savings over time based on various metrics.

Personalized Consulting

Our team offers customized consulting by understanding your specific needs and providing solutions tailored to your hotel.


Our Security Systems provide robust security that stand out for their resistance to potential cyber threats. We have tested our security and the reliability of our system is second to none. Room security is not only guaranteed against external intrusions, but also incorporates measures to prevent any internal failures that may affect the guest's stay. By choosing Kleverness, you can ensure your guests have a worry-free experience where privacy and protection are unwavering.

Product Customization

We understand that each hotel has its own characteristics, and with that, each room comes with specific requirements.

From device selection to functionality configuration, we strive to tailor our products to your hotel’s exact requirements. Regardless of it being a luxury resort, a boutique hotel, or anything in between, each property is unique, and our promise is to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly.

With Kleverness, you don't just get standard products; you get a solution designed specifically to enhance your guestroom experience. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best in smart technology to create a unique environment tailored to the needs of your guests and your establishment.


Kleverness Hospitality

Case Studies

We pride ourselves on our ability to help to navigate your sustainability goals to achieve enhanced guest satisfaction, energy savings, and ease of management. Below, you can see a few examples of what customers are saying about us.










What the industry says about us

Edgar Arillo

Deputy Director of Engineering and Maintenance

"For our remodeling process that took place in 2021, we decided to implement the Kleverness automation system for its adaptability, quality and elegant design to complement the architecture inside the rooms. Thanks to their ability to customize their product to our needs, we have had optimal results with our guests and were amazed by the ease of installation and how well it adapted to our operations."

Eduardo Gutierrez

Director of Operations

"I strongly recommend Kleverness Hospitality because of its functionality and customer service, as an effective solution for the hospitality industry. We acquired their products and services for two of our hotel properties and we are very pleased with their solution for guestroom control and management that increases efficiency and comfort in our guestrooms. I am impressed with the overall quality and reliability of their solution."


With its patented technology, the Kleverness Hospitality system can adapt to any building, new or existing, without the need to adapt its infrastructure or wiring.


"⚡️A from Automation and Sustainability in Hospitality, Kleverness improves guest experience and comfort and contributes to #sustainable operations in the hospitality industry with an IoT solution 🏨"

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