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Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya

Dreams Aventuras Rivera Maya


Dreams Aventuras, an iconic property with 305 rooms nestled in the heart of the Riviera Maya, embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainability and operational efficiency by integrating the Kleverness Energy Management System. This innovative solution not only aligns with the resort's commitment to environmental stewardship but also significantly enhances guest satisfaction through eco-conscious practices.

About Kleverness

Kleverness is at the forefront of the hospitality industry, revolutionizing energy management with its cutting-edge system designed to optimize HVAC control in real-time. Recognizing that guestrooms, which remain vacant approximately 70% of the time, contribute up to 80% of a hotel's energy consumption, Kleverness offers a solution that not only reduces energy usage but also aligns seamlessly with sustainability goals.

Project Description

The Dreams Aventuras faced the challenge of reducing its substantial energy costs without compromising guest comfort. By adopting the Kleverness Energy Management System, the resort aimed to achieve this goal through smart technology that adapts to occupancy levels, thereby minimizing wasteful energy consumption.


The Kleverness system was fully deployed across all 305 rooms of the resort, integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure thanks to its easy retrofit installation. The system comprises several key components, including the Klever Hospitality Hub, Thermostat, Occupancy Sensor, and Door Sensor, all designed to work in harmony to optimize energy usage based on real-time room occupancy.


The implementation of the Kleverness Energy Management System at Dreams Aventuras has led to remarkable outcomes:

Monthly Savings

 The resort has achieved an average monthly savings of $6,493 in energy costs.

Payback Period

The investment in the Kleverness system is expected to pay for itself within 26 months.

Energy Efficiency

Comparison of the hotel's utility bills for November and December of 2022 versus the same months in 2023, when the system was fully operational, showcases the significant reduction in energy consumption achieved.

Sustainability Impact

By significantly reducing its carbon footprint, Dreams Aventuras positions itself as a leader in sustainability, meeting the expectations of eco-conscious hoteliers, operators, and travelers alike.


The Dreams Aventuras' adoption of the Kleverness Energy Management System represents not just a leap towards sustainability and operational efficiency in the hospitality industry, but also a substantial contribution to environmental protection. By implementing this advanced technology to minimize energy consumption across a significant portion of their operations, the resort is achieving remarkable financial savings and, importantly, reducing its total emissions by an average of 201 tons of CO2 per year. This reduction in carbon footprint not only showcases Dreams Aventuras as a leader in environmental responsibility but also resonates with the growing eco-consciousness among travelers and industry stakeholders alike. Consequently, this case study serves as a powerful testament and a model for other properties aiming to enhance their sustainability practices while simultaneously improving their bottom line and contributing to the global effort against climate change.

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